Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Whoah, it's been a while!

I've left this blog for a little while. I got a shock to see that my net worth was $160,000 when I started this blog. It's now at $222,000! (This was mostly due to a revised valuation on my property though).

I've started my new job as an accountant, which has kept me pretty busy. I've decided that, in the current economic climate, two jobs are better than one, so rather than quitting my retail job, I just drastically reduced my availability to one Saturday a fortnight. 

I've arranged for my retail pay (now $90 a fortnight) to go into my share trading account. I've now got $405 in that account, so it's time to decide whether to buy something when I get to $500 (I need another $1000 Woolworth shares in order to take advantage of the DRP), or wait until I have more money. Other shares I'm thinking about are Wesfarmers, Harvey Norman, Adelaide-Brighton, Toll Holdings and Stockland. Also PRG, but I'd have to do some more investigation into that.

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