Sunday, February 15, 2009

My budget

This is how I organise my finances every month:


Fiance: $3000
Me: $2000 (it varies depending on the number of hours I work at the moment)


Mortgage: $2400
Bills: $1500
Living: $360
Savings: remainder

This is not an ideal system. As my employment situation is a little precarious at the moment, I am putting as much as possible into a savings account, rather than pay more off the mortgage (which cannot be redrawn), so that we can live off savings for a short period of time, if need be.

The good news is, my fiance (who I will refer to as 'F' for fiance from now on) and I both qualify for $900 payments as part of the government's stimulus package. I'm going to do the wrong thing though, and save them, or put them towards the mortgage.

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